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The H.O.M.E. for all your control slide needs!

Trying to stretch that budget?  We have the answer!!  Why should you buy your controls at RETAIL prices when you can buy from us at WHOLESALE prices?!?

We FOCUS on control slides!  We are one of the FEW control slide manufacturers!  EVERYTHING is done in house – no outsourcing, no jumping through hoops to get questions answers – just ONE phone call!!

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We keep our overhead low so we can continue to provide the highest quality control slides at low low prices*!!  

We also offer FREE samples!

Request our Basic Sample Pack today!

 Our Basic Sample Pack includes one slide of each:

        • Acid Fast Bacteria
        • Fungus
        • Gram
        • Helicobacter
        • Iron

Need a sample of something else?  No problem, we can send you a custom sample!  Just give us a call or use our Online Order Form

All of our control slides are on aminosilane (postive charged) slides.  Our boxes contain unstained serial sections as well as a QC slide and the staining procedure we use. 

Worried that the QC slide takes away from your unstained slides?  Well, DON’T!!!  We provide 10, 20 or 100 unstained slides PLUS a quality control slide for you to look at prior to using! 


 Have questions?   Give us a call at 1-800-474-9477


*Due to the continued price increases from our suppliers please note that as of May 1, 2022 there will be a small price increase, approximately 3%, to all of our control slides