111A Acid Fast Bacteria +/- Control Slides – Box of 10

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Catalog Number: 111A

Size: 10ct box – contains 10 unstained slides and 1 stained reference slide

Our Acid Fast Bacteria +/- (AFB +/-) controls slides are contain one piece of mouse lung containing Mycobacterium gordonae and one piece of mouse lung that tests negative for Mycobacterium gordonae.  These are cut at 4 microns and placed middle bottom of the microscope slide.

**The following upgrades are available upon request:

  • Top of slide
  • Not baked
  • Placed on M1000 slides (recommended if using Ventana machine)

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

4 reviews for 111A Acid Fast Bacteria +/- Control Slides – Box of 10

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